Saturday, June 15, 2013

Best Chore Systems

Here's a list of my FAVORITE chore systems.  When it comes to WORK during the summer, my moto is "Keep it simple!". These are my favorite no-brainer chore systems for kids.   

1-The Ultimate Checklist!! 

Basically a "here's-how-it's done" cheat sheet for each chore.  Genius. This is definitely a "why didn't I think of this" moment for me.  Often parenting seems like a never-ending game of  trial and correction.  The older (and hopefully wiser) I get, I realize how important it is to lay things out for my kids ahead if time! For all of the chores, there is a laminated card of the job and what completes the job.  No guessing.  They just follow a list.  The bonus: they'll more accurately learn how to so housework.  What a miracle!!!!

2 - Chore lists, Galore

I'm perpetually in awe of the homeschool moms that are on the ball.  It's something I'm not cut out for .  But let's face it, during the summer we're all homeschool moms!! This mama definitely has this chore thing figured out.  It's more detailed than the others here.  She includes chore sheet printables, instant cash chore concepts, and motivation for making it work. I picked it for our "simple chore system" rundown because I love the instant "work for hire" concept.  Definitely a blog worth checking out!!

3- Popsicle stick options

Super simple!!! Love this concept because it is EASY.  And this is very much how I run chores with my big kids.  "Chore time! Grab three sticks!"  You could even break them into colors and separate jars based on level of involvement Easy-peasy.

4- "Uh-oh, pick a chore" box

This one makes me laugh.  But what another genius idea!! After a warning (or whatever your rule is), the kids unclaimed items go into a random box. And.. they've gotta do a chore to earn it back.  (Smart Mama)

5 - Magnet pick-a-chore

Another simple simple.  Make cute little labeled magnets with the standard chores on them.  When it's time, let the kids pick. Her magnet boards are too cute.