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My Spotlight today is on a company that really changed the working dynamics of my own family. It’s a system called Accountable Kids. It’s essentially a chore system -- but for us, it was much more. Let me paint a picture.

 It’s summer time. You wake up at 7am to the sound of your kids downstairs hollering at each other. The television has been on for at least a half hour. You jump out of bed upon being paged, “MOM!!! What’s for breakfast?” At this point you drag yourself downstairs and find that the little ones are arguing over who gets to pick what’s on TV. You find that in 30 short minutes, blankets have been strewn on the floor, cereal crumbs blanket the carpet, and a paper craft project clutters the kitchen table. It’s now time for the inevitable; yanking the kids away from the television and redirecting them into a productive day, starting with their breakfast and their morning chores. For kids, the thought of doing chores on a Saturday morning can be grueling. Thank GOODNESS someone has found a solution to this ever-common problem. 

 In 2003, husband/wife duo, Traci and Scott Heaton developed a program called Accountable Kids. It’s a chore system that teaches children a TRUE sense of accountability. It fosters a sense of familial responsibility, teaches delayed gratification, discipline, and self-esteem. I’m spotlighting this program today because the scenario described above was MY family. I was introduced to Accountable Kids by a friend when I commented on how disciplined her children seemed to be. They were all reading at an early age, they seemed interested in individual time with each of their parents, and they were steadily developing talents during their free time at home. She referred this system to me and I haven’t looked back! The program seems to shift a child’s paradigm, instilling a sense of accountability and worth rather than what I refer to as “an entitlement complex”. In a nutshell, kids learn to do what they NEED to do before moving onto their fun activities (privileges). All of the parenting books agree. This is what we should be teaching our kids; to delay gratification and develop a work ethic. Accountable Kids truly gives parents “the nuts and bolts” (as the Heatons state), to make this happen. The program sets parents up with a training DVD and an easy-to-read book as well as the program materials.

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